Since starting my company in 2002, I have always had a PayPal account.  In the beginning I used it simply to invoice clients who wanted to pay with a credit card or preferred to use PayPal as a method of payment.  Set up was easy; I ordered the PayPal debit card, giving me immediate access to payments with no wait, but I was a little uneasy about, what I thought was, the high transaction fees.

paypal__secureI later decided to start using a merchant company through my bank that charged a monthly fee but had a lower transaction percentage of cost. It simply made sense to me at the time to do so.   The bank rep sold it convincingly; convincing me it would decrease my monthly merchant costs.  (That per transaction fee I was worried about with PayPal) They sent me a machine to use for swiping to further decrease those transaction fees that were already so low.  Well it only took a few months of having no credit card transactions to realize that it wasn’t worth paying a monthly fee for a service I didn’t use every month.  Now I’m referring to the year 2004 thru 2010.  Even though people were using their credit and debit cards more often, I still had a large percentage of clients that were paying with checks or cash.  So I continued using PayPal.

Fast forward to 2011.  Now Square and GoPayment are advertising about how easy it is to accept credit cards via your mobile device.  I was happy with PayPal but that didn’t matter…. Square & GoPayment had the next best thing and I had to have it.  This would allow me to accept Credit & Debit Cards anywhere.  I no longer needed to wait until I could get to my computer or laptop.

First I tried Square.  I set up my account online and it took 4 weeks to finally receive my Square in the mail.  I was so excited when the device finally came.  I am a bit of a gadget girl, so this was another device I could use to make my business life easier right… wrong.  I plugged in my Square and it didn’t work.  I contacted Square to let them know the device didn’t work and they explained there was an update for the specific phone I had and they would send me another device… another 4 weeks….  So I continued using PayPal while I waited.

I decided to try GoPayment, the device came much quicker, within in the a few weeks and Immediately started accepting credit & debit card payments into my back account. They had the same low transactional percentage that PayPal had and my money was deposited into my account within a few business days.  Great right? Well not so great.  I started seeing additional fees on my back statement from Intuit.  When I called them to see what was going on they told me it depended on the type of credit card I was using.  Seriously?  I shut that down right away.  I was done.

paypal Get Paid anywhere AriesgdimWhile trying to figure out which device was best for me, PayPal had also began offering an adapter I could attach to my phone, allowing me to swipe cards just like Square or GoPayment.  They had even improved their PayPal phone app.  I ordered my adapter and decided to stay with the company that I had been with all along.  The company that offered me a debit card that allowed me to have instant access to my client’s payments.   When a client paid I didn’t have to wait until their credit card transaction cleared my account in a few business days; the money was right there, ready for me to use immediately.

So in a nutshell, below are the reasons why I have continued to use PayPal to accept credit and debit card payments.

 1.  I can send Invoices online via my PayPal Control Panel

I can easily invoice my clients online with professional looking invoices that can be customized with your logo and company information.  Once an invoice is sent your clients can pay the invoice online.

2.  Payments are immediately accessible via my PayPal Debit Card

Anytime a client pays you via PayPal your payments are available in Real-Time.  No more waiting 2 or 3 business days for your transactions to be processed.  Now you order supplies for a job immediately cutting down your business turn around time.

3.  I don’t have to wait for money to be transferred to my account

PayPal can transfer your funds to your bank account if you request it but it isn’t a necessity.

4.  There are no additional fees

With PayPal there are no additional transaction fees, no monthly bank fees and no surprise fees added later based on the type of credit card or debit card you are using.

PayPal_Get Paid Everywhere5.  You can accept payments with out having to have a bank account

This one is huge.  Most merchant accounts require that you have a bank account to transfer funds to; not with PayPal.  Your business can use your PayPal account as an additional bank account.  There is not need to move money if you don’t need to.

6.  PayPal Swiping Device

Just like GoPayment and Square they have a swiping device that by using will decrease the transaction percentage fee.

7.  I can pay for online orders and shopping with my PayPal Account

More and more businesses online are now accepting PayPal as a form of payment.  For instance, I use GoDaddy for my hosting and domain company for my clients, Facebook accepts PayPal for paid Facebook Marketing Campaigns and I can use PayPal to take care of many of my monthly subscriptions like DropBox, HootSuite and even NetFlix.

8.  It’s user friendly

PayPal is constantly updating their control panel as well as their app to ensure ease of use for its customers.

9.  More Stores are Accepting PayPal as a form of payment so you don’t have to use your credit/debit card

PayPal increases the number of physical stores that use PayPal to accept payment.  Now all you have to do is open your PayPal phone app and it will give you a list of stores in your area that are not accepting PayPal.

10. PayPal can be used on your e-commerce site to accept payments from customers

Even if your clients don’t have a PayPal account your business can still use PayPal online to accept Credit & Debit card payments on your website with the same benefit listed above.  Many of your clients may prefer to use PayPal online because they don’t have to worry about their credit card information being hacked online.  Your customers can pay with PayPal even if they don’t have a PayPal account.

I almost forgot to add that you can also use PayPal to send payment in the form of check if you prefer not to use your credit/debit card.  To me PayPal is the best method to use to accept payment  for business. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t other apps out there that aren’t just as good.  As you remember in the beginning of this blog I explained that I never got a chance to use Square. PayPal just still seemed to be there like loyal friend; always there when I needed them…  I couldn’t let them go.  An added benefit is that PayPal has some longevity; they have been in business since 1998.  They are constantly improving their services and I as a customer truly appreciate that.

I would love to hear from you… share your experience with PayPal or other per transaction merchant account companies.  Which one do you think is better and why.

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AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
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