Social Media ManagementDo you have your Facebook account set up but aren’t really sure what to do with it?  Are you on Twitter but aren’t sure if your Tweets are actually driving traffic to your website and resulting in sales? Do you think that engaging on social media platforms is for the other guy and not for your company?  We help you use social media to drive traffic to your website, grow your business and help you see results that turn into increased revenues.

What do we do for you as a social media manager?  We set up your social media platforms, generate likes and followers, create and post engaging comments.  We will create custom iframe pages for Business Facebook Pages as well set up Twitter newspapers that generate followers.  We can set up your blog, create content that will engage your users and drive more traffic to your site.

If you have attempted to manage your own social media profiles you know how time consuming it can be.  And believe it or not, even if you do not have an online presence and you have a business… someone is talking about you and your business online.  You need a social media manager that can be there for the conversation, someone who understands how to track social mentions of  your brand online and deal with any negative remarks and diffuse them before they can possibly hurt your company.  We will also be there for those positive comments to keep the engagement going.

Ready to increase your sales?  We are ready to help you!  Give us a call or email us today!  317.345.4182 or

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