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Today I set up Questions on two of my Facebook business pages. Then decided to play around with it a bit. I decided that although it can be a powerful tool to collect data from your users… I really don’t like it.

First downfall is…. although the questions show up on your company’s Facebook business page as a link, you actually have to click to another page to answer the question or see the results of answers via polls.

Second negative is that if you have your Facebook business page connected to your Twitter account the questions don’t show up in your Twitter feed. Real bummer…

So what do I like about Facebook Questions? You can create polls, giving users multiple choice answers that you choose. What business owner wouldn’t want to use this tool as a free survey to find out what their clients want, think, like, prefer, etc in order to ensure customer satisfaction????

So… although Facebook Questions is a good way to learn more about your client base or users, it is missing the open interaction/conversation you see on the wall of a Facebook business page. Facebook Questions seems to stifle or take users away from the conversation instead of creating one.

Below are step by instructions from Mashable.com on how to set up Questions on your Facebook business page.

Once you’ve tried it let me know what you think.

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1. Sign In To Your Facebook Page

Go to the “Account” tab at the upper-right side of your Facebook account and click “Use Facebook as Page.” Click “Switch” next to the page you’d like to be signed into (this should be the page you want to add Questions to).

2. Go To Facebook’s Questions Page

Go to Facebook’s Questions page, which not only outlines the product, but is also where you add Questions to your Page. Once you’re there, click on the bright green button that says, “Get Questions Now.”

The action will apply to the Page you’re logged in as, so if you’d like to add Questions to multiple Pages, repeat step one and two for the specific Page in question.

3. Ask Your First Question

After you’ve clicked “Get Questions Now,” a pop-up box will open confirming that Questions have been added to your Page. You’ll now see the Questions tab on your Facebook Page and you’re ready to ask your first question. You can add poll options and the ability for your fans and others to add other answers. The question will post to your wall as well as the News Feed of users who have “liked” your Page.

It’s as simple as that. Any questions?

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AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
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