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I love personal branding.  I think every small business owner should include a good amount of personal branding in his or her marketing strategy.  New customers want to trust you and your business, the only way they can do that is if you are transparent and authentic.

But sometimes when I see posts of some of my clients who want to do their own Digital Marketing I want to cringe.  The amount of unprofessionalism I see on a daily basis is beyond amazing.   When I talk to them about it they say… “I’m being Authentic like you said, I’m being me.”

There is a limit to what you should share about yourself when you are trying to build a business.  I’m a graphic designer, I’m black, I’m a woman and yes I’m Muslim all of which I am very proud of.  Some users will chose to avoid my services based on any of the things I listed earlier.  I’m ok with that, I want clients who are willing to accept me for who I am and not have a problem with it but there are some things I won’t share or even click the like button on.

Some examples of things that people probably don’t need to know about you are:

  1. That you love pictures of scantly clad men or women.
  2. Your views on other religions other than your own
  3. That you “heart” those pictures on Instagram with Miley Cyrus Twerking
  4. Your negative opinion in regards to others choice of lifestyle
  5. Your stance in regards to Obama care
  6. The positions you love while having intercourse (smh)
  7. Or anything about your side chick or guy


I was being funny with a few of those but I think you get my drift.  Likes on Facebook will pop up in the stream of those whom you have “friended” and believe me when I say, I have seen some really raunchy stuff from some of my business owners.  I can think of one in particular that had just liked a picture of a naked woman and then in the next five minutes shared his computer repair ad.  YIKES

Have a filter people.  Your customers are watching you and if they feel like some of your likes, posts, and comments could be taken in the wrong way…  you WILL lose many potential clients in the mix.

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AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
Hi I am Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah, IMMS. I am the owner of Aries - Graphic Design & Internet Marketing / AriesGDIM. I have owned and operated my company since 2002 creating small businesses with an opportunity to "Stand OUT" from their competitors with bold professional branding development via print, websites, logo design and online brand management. In August of 2010 I completed my Internet Marketing Masters of Science from Full Sail University. I currently offer Digital Marketing as an additional service from my company. My focus has been on Social Media Marketing via Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. Other services I offer are Internet Brand Management, Keyword Optimization, Website Usability, & Web Analytics. These services further my company goal and mission which is to assist small to medium sized businesses the ability to "stand out" from their larger competitors and be noticed.
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