September 3, 2011
Guest Blogging? What you should know!

8 Questions to consider Before you Guest Blog

Before you guest blog you may want to consider the following: Do you have time to create more content? Does their website/blog contain relevant material? Does the blog allow for backlinks to your own site? Does the website/blog have a decent amount of traffic? Is the site comparable or better than your own blog? What type of reputation does the blog owner or blog have? What is the age of the blog and amount of content? If their site is monetized are they offering revenue sharing?
August 24, 2011
protect your blog

Why You Need to Protect Your Blog!

Copying someone’s content and using it as your own is a Copyright infringement and there are laws against such activities. Enforcing these laws especially when the user is not located in your country can make things a bit more difficult. If you happen to have a relentless trespasser you may need to take things a bit further and report them via their host service company. You will first need to look them and can help you with that.
August 23, 2011
Blog Updates Due Today

Having Trouble Updating Your WordPress Elegant Themes?

So today when I received the notice to update every Elegant Theme I was using I attempted to update them from the Wordpress cPanel like you would any other update. Unfortunately this was not working and I was unable to update the themes via the cPanel. How to update your Elegant Themes
August 15, 2011

Warning! Do Not Update Your Tweet Old Posts Plugin Just Yet!

Today while updating one of my blogs I received a notice via the WordPress  Dashboard that it was time to update a plugin.  The notice was […]
July 19, 2011
Increase your search engine ranking

How do you Write Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts?

It is important to remember that increasing your search engine ranking organically takes time.  You will need a mix of posting on different channels (Social Media […]
April 4, 2011

2 Website Issues you need to fix NOW!

What is your website doing? Have you thought about this question? Does your website have a purpose? Sometimes companies create websites simply to have an online presence to provide users with more information about their organization. Other times the purpose of a website is to sell products or services in hopes that it will become one of your main sources of income. Whatever the reason may be, you want your website to accomplish its goal, right? If so, you should never give your users a reason to leave your site. Users should be able to find whatever they need on your site within 2 to 3 clicks. Anything more than that will put you at risk of a user going elsewhere to find what they need.
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