Managing Facebook Lists

Managing Facebook Lists

Many of us that use Facebook lists regularly thought that our Facebook lists had completely disappeared and we were all screaming our discontent by commenting in groups, commenting on each others walls, and even sending tweets.  Facebook had just made a change that we felt was an #epicFail.  I mean how could Facebook make such a change without asking us first.  The nerve of them; just who did they think they were.  Our nice neat lists categories we had grouped our Facebook Friends in  were no longer nicely listed on the left side of our Facebook profiles and it was totally freaking us out.  After doing a little digging I figured out they weren’t actually gone… they’re still there…  and Facebook has done some tweaking that you will either love or absolutely hate.

Where are my lists?

You can now access and edit your lists in two different places

  1. You can go to any one of your friends profile page and access your lists on the top right hand side of the page in a drop down menu.  Now you won’t actually see who is on your list there but you can add your friend to a list here.
    Editing lists on profile pages

    Editing lists on profile pages

  2. You can now also access your lists on the left side panel of your home screen where it says lists.  You can either click a particular list or you can click the word List and all your lists will come up for you to edit.
    Lists panel on the left of home page

    Lists panel on the left of your home page

Whats new about the lists?

  1. Now you can view a feed of people within in a particular list.  For instance if you click Family as I did in the image below you can see recent wall posts made by anyone set to the family list.
    Family List Screen Shot

    Family List Screen Shot

  2. I can edit what posts I see from my family by clicking manage lists.  If I don’t want to see your silly game updates I can uncheck game updates and it will be removed from the List page posts.  Click “Manage list” on the upper right corner of your list page wall > Choose Update types > then select or deselect the options you want to see on this list wall.
    Manage Updates

    Manage Updates

    Select update opotins you want to see

    Select update options you want to see

  3. I can view those in my list on the upper right side of the list page by clicking “see all” and I can even add more people to the list if I need to.
    View those in your Facebook List

    View those in your Facebook List

  4. It is now easier to create new lists.  You simply click on Lists on the left side panel of your home page or follow this link.  There you can click create new list at the top of your lists page to begin creating your new list.
    Editing your Facebook Lists

    Editing your Facebook Lists

Adding people to your lists can be done in two ways.

  1. The first is by going to >account >edit friends.  You will see a list of friends with a clickable button that says friend next to each name.  Click the word friend and determine which list you want to put them in or add new list criteria for that friend if you need to.
    Adding people to your Facebook Lists

    Adding people to your Facebook Lists

  2. Go to a particular list page then choosing a list.  After you have chosen a list go to the right side of the page and add friends to the list.
    Adding Friends to your Facebook Lists

    Adding Friends to your Facebook Lists

These new changes have had many of us who use Facebook as a main source of marketing were in an uproar.  We talked about this all night long.  I remember when I used to love a new changes to Facebook but now that we are all so involved, using Facebook everyday to update and engage our users, that when a change comes about that affects us like this one… we all cry the blues.  I hope that these tips help you understand the changes to Facebook Lists.  If you weren’t using lists before I hope that this blog will enlighten you on how you can now use them to your benefit.

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AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
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  1. Ileane says:

    Tami, thanks for the awesome tutorial! I had questions about list management and you answered every one of them. Sweet!! Now I fell like I know what I’m doing 🙂

  2. nakeva says:

    Love the post! Quick on the Facebook info and helpful. I learned a thing or two 🙂

  3. Nejberhud says:

    How can I restrict people from list to send public posts to my wall ??? I need only those in list to be able to see them.

  4. Dinh says:

    Hi Aries, nice post, but can you tell the *Edit Friends* link? Because I cannot access Account > Edit Friends anymore.

    Btw, how to see the friends that are not on a list now?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Dinh

      Ok click this link it will take you to your friends list.
      Then hover a friends name that you would like to restrict. You will see a little with your friends info in it… click the friend button. A drop down menu will come up, there you can select restrict or put the person in a list. If you don’t see restrict click the see all lists button. I am attaching an image for you to see.

      I hope this helps you.

  5. Pefferlawrose says:

    How do you manage lists with the new timeline. Your instructions don’t seem to have the same info now????

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry for the delay in my response… If you go to the home page on Facebook you can find your lists on the left sidebar. If you are like me and have a lot of info in your left sidebar just click the “more” link and you will see it there.

      Let me know if this helps.

  6. Steveg0606 says:

    I’m trying to add/change the radius to an existing list, and following the instructions in facebook help gets me nowhere. It tells me to open the list, click on “manage list” and “look for an option to adjust list settings. All good, but there’s no option for this. Anybody know about adding a miles radius from a certain location to a facebook list?

    • AriesGDIM says:

      I believe you can set it by city but to actually do a mile radius is most likely asking Facebook to do a little too much.

  7. […] to get a degree in internet marketing. It’s great stuff; one of her latest posts was about Facebook lists, something I never even knew existed. Too bad it’s a Disqus blog, which has prevented me from […]

  8. Sheila says:

    Can people who visit my personal page see the list of pages I administer which I see up at the top right when I log in? Do they see it there or anywhere else on my page? If not, can I make that be the case?

    • AriesGDIM says:

      Sheila I just checked and if you click the about information on the left side of your page you can edit the pages shown on your page. The entire list of pages will show there. You just need to put a check list in the pages you want people to be able to see. The pages most likely will not show up on your profile page but if people click your about section they will see the pages there.

  9. AriesGDIM says:

    Sorry you are having so much trouble. I am glad my information could at least help you get to where you needed to be.

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