Today a friend of mine asked me how to block people who are not your friends on Facebook from sharing your images or posts. Let me first give my disclaimer. If you want to be private about anything, Facebook is not the place to be. Now that I have said that let me show you how to keep people from sharing your images and posts on Facebook.


There are two ways to keep people who are not your friends on Facebook from sharing your images.


1. Set your posts and images to friends

Restrict Posts & Images to Friends

You do this in the post window on your Facebook wall by clicking the post privacy drop down menu to the left of the post button and changing the setting from public to friends. By doing this you ensure that only those on your friends list can see or share your image (or posts).

Check to View As to See your Public Profile

If you would like to check to make sure your images (or posts) can only be viewed by your friends click > “Your Name” (to view your wall) > then the gear with the drop down menu to see “View As”. This will allow you to view your wall as it would be viewed via your public profile.

You can also see how a friend that you have restricted can view your profile as well. See the image below to see where you will need to type the name of the person whom you might be concerned about seeing certain portions of your profile.

View Your Public Profile

2. Create a Facebook List

You may want to make a post or share a picture that you only want the closest of your friends to see. By creating facebook lists and posting to these lists you disallow others who view your general profile from seeing what you share.

To create a list you will need to click the “Home” link on the upper right corner of your Facebook page. On the left of your screen you will see a sidebar.

In this sidebar you will see your favorites, pages, friends apps, and groups. We need to look at your “Friends”; if you don’t see “Friends” click “click more” > then “Friends”.

Left Sidebar on Home Page

Now you will see all your lists that have been created. Typically you will see Close Friends, Family, and Restricted.

Create New Facebook List

To create a list you just need to hit the “Create List” button at the top of your screen. A “Create List” window will open. Here you will type the name of your new list and then add the friends you want to see only your special posts.

Once you have entered all the names hit “Create” at the bottom of the window and now Facebook will open into a window that will show the RSS feed for only those people in that new Facebook List you just created. Here you can post your pictures or posts if you like or you can also post to this list via your home page by selecting the post privacy button and then selecting the list you want to see your post or image.

Use Post Privacy Settings for your Posts

I will reiterate that on the Internet nothing is truly private and if you are worried about posting something you don’t want others to see it is probably best not to post it at all… but if you just can’t contain yourself and have to share… the above steps will help you keep things a bit more private.

If you have any other questions about posting to Facebook feel free to post your questions below in the comments.

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AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
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  1. jay says:

    hi. i have restricted my post/photos to friends only. but i would want to be asked/notified when a friend wants to share my photos/posts—how can i do that?

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