Lately I have written a few blogs about Twitter basics and my Twitter pet peeves.   After talking to a friend and client of mine, I realized that there are still a lot people who don’t really know what Twitter actually is.  So I decided to take a little time to give a brief synapses of what I understand Twitter to be.

What is Twitter

What is Twitter

So, what is Twitter? Twitter is a real time information social platform that provides friends, family, coworkers, businesses and perspective clients the ability to connect and stay connected using short quick exchanges.   Twitter users listen, share and communicate information regarding their thoughts, new and exciting news and events.  Users ask questions and get answers.

Many Twitter users have used Twitter to replace email messaging when it comes to quick thoughts and questions like: What are you doing?  Can we meet? How are you today? Etc. These quick thoughts and questions are called Tweets, which can only be 140 characters.

If you don’t think Tweeting is for you then you can still set up an account and follow Twitter users who tweet about topics of your interest to you.  Many people use Twitter as valuable source of news because Twitter acts like news feed.

Twitter is also a great way to get brand exposure for your business because it allows you to share your content with your followers.  Don’t get too caught up in self promotion, most Twitter users don’t like that.  You should also share or retweet  information that others may find interesting as well. By doing this you build relationships and increase your brand exposure.

I have met people on Twitter I would have never met on Facebook.  Many of the Facebook friends I have gained in the last year have been in direct response to my increased Twitter presence.  Based on my Google Analytics numbers, 40% of the hits to my website have either come from Twitter or from Twitter monitoring sites or applications.

Want to learn more about Twitter?  Please visit the following links:

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Also if you have a question please feel free to leave our question below.

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