It is amazing how many companies, especially small businesses just go through the motions and don’t consider the importance of Good Customer Service.   Often businesses think good customer service is just providing their service or product in a timely fashion but it’s so much more than that. It is a shame that the bar has been set so low on customer service that when a business shows they genuinely care about their customers they stand out.

No one wants your service or product

It’s true.  No one really wants your services or your products; customers want their problems solved.  If your company happens to provide the product or service that solves the problem great but wouldn’t that sale go so much further if you let the customer know how much you care about them to begin with.  Go beyond the sale and take time to get to know your customers needs and wants and help them even if it means sending them somewhere else to get it.

Customers pay for good customer service

There are no original ideas, there are no original products, and there is always someone out there that offers the same services you do.  There is nothing special about service or the products you provide.  So what makes your business any different from anyone else’s?  You!  You are the glue that attracts your customers, taking it a step further and providing them with good customer service is a dynamic customers are will to stay for and pay for.  Want loyal customers?  Give them exceptional customer service.

Show you care for no reason other than you genuinely do

When a client comes to me and asks me to put together a website or design a logo I give them free branding consulting.  I let them know about color psychology and the importance it plays in the success of a brand.  I may ask them about their marketing thus far and make some simple suggestions on how they can improve upon what they are already doing.  Now I could offer them this same advice for a fee but instead I provide them with something of value for free to show that I genuinely care about the success of their business.   What can you do to show your clientele you genuinely care?

Build Strong Relationships with Customers

Once you have built a strong relationship with your client base it will be hard for your competitors to steal them away, even if they offer the same products and services at a cheaper price.  Almost every client I have lost at some point has come back either because my customer service was exceptional or because I offered a superior quality product.  Build strong relationships by asking your customers about their families, remember their children, their accomplishments, their goals or problems.  Care about how well your product or service helped them obtain their goals.  Building strong relationships with your clientele can be invaluable.

Every business says they care about their customers and we all know this isn’t true.   Customer service that goes above and beyond will add the WOW factor to your brand.  Be the business that cares and your customers will see you as more than a business, they will see you as a valuable resource.   You want your customers to sing your praises to everyone they come in contact with and providing good customer service can do that.  When was the last time you reevaluated your customer service?  It might be time to make some positive changes.  Remember to always be authentic, customers can spot a fake trying too hard to be what they aren’t.

As always I would love to hear from you.  Share your thoughts and ideas on how businesses you patronize can improve their customer service.

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AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
AriesGDIM / Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
Hi I am Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah, IMMS. I am the owner of Aries - Graphic Design & Internet Marketing / AriesGDIM. I have owned and operated my company since 2002 creating small businesses with an opportunity to "Stand OUT" from their competitors with bold professional branding development via print, websites, logo design and online brand management. In August of 2010 I completed my Internet Marketing Masters of Science from Full Sail University. I currently offer Digital Marketing as an additional service from my company. My focus has been on Social Media Marketing via Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. Other services I offer are Internet Brand Management, Keyword Optimization, Website Usability, & Web Analytics. These services further my company goal and mission which is to assist small to medium sized businesses the ability to "stand out" from their larger competitors and be noticed.
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